Our Core GRC Software Suite is a platform to capture, communicate and manage your objectives and make them available to key stakeholders throughout your organization and beyond.

The Suite provides a complete data repository for your process/controls documentation, policy & procedures, Activities/Objectives/Risks/Controls (A/O/R/C) organized by Organizational Unit/Business Process/Auditable Unit. The suite includes management reporting and dashboards that are designed in an easy to use and flexible format that is available via PC, tablet and mobile.

The Suite allows you to:

  • Build an Internal Controls Framework (I/C Framework) in a manner consistent with widely accepted I/C Frameworks.
  • Document your internal controls and associate (map) these to numer-ous factors as well to your company risks.
  • Build on-line Policy & Procedures (P&P) or attach/hyperlink your ex-isting P&P documents within each of your Business Processes.
  • Perform a risk-assessment at the Auditable Unit (AU) level. You define AU, risk assessment criteria and grading.
  • Generate reports using a flexible user interface.

The Suite also includes “Best, Inc.”, a “model” company that includes:

  • Example A/O/R/C to serve as a resource for your program
  • Example AUs and a related Risk-Assessment
  • Example P&P

The information in Best, Inc. is available for “quick-copy” into your GRC Suite where it can then be edited to meet your needs.

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