Our Controls Management Module is a companion to our GRC Suite that allows Suite subscribers to define one or more control procedures for each control, assign these procedures to a preparer and reviewer as tasks, and track these tasks to completion. The tasking and reporting acts as a closing calendar but it goes far beyond that to include procedures supporting operational, strategic, fraud prevention, entity-level and other controls. Our goal is to allow our subscribers to define appropriate procedures up front, assign and schedule these as tasks, and then use our dashboard and re-ports to easily oversee completion of the delegated tasks and manage only the outliers/exceptions.

The Controls Management Module allows you to:

  • Create, define and assign procedures as tasks which creates an on-line closing checklist/compliance checklist.
  • Rely on system notification (on-line & via e-mail) to identify only tasks that are not completed, allowing you to manage by exception.
  • Directly define and demonstrate the procedures performed for each F/S Line Item and entity-level controls
  • Store all support for executed control procedures on-line.
  • Eliminate many auditor requests by granting “view” access to completed controls procedures.
  • Generate reports using a flexible user interface.

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