Our Audit Management Module is a companion to our GRC Suite that allows Suite subscribers to define one or more audit tests for each control, create audit projects to store all planning/testing/reporting, assign audit tests to a preparer and reviewer as tasks within an audit project, track these tasks to completion, and support exception reporting/tracking. Our goal is to allow our subscribers to manage all of their assessment activity within the GRC Suite and thereby link assessment scope, results and conclusions to individual controls and Auditable Units (Audit Universe).

The Audit Management Module allows you to:

  • Communicate your audit plan, results, and open exceptions to senior management and the Board with intuitive dashboards and reports.
  • Clearly communicate the timing, scope and status of audit activities by integrating your Audit Plan with the Risk-Assessment in a Multi-year Audit Plan view.
  • Create audit projects and assign audit tests as tasks to preparer and reviewer which creates on-line audit status tracking.
  • Directly define and demonstrate the audit testing performed of con-trols related to each F/S Line Item, Principal, Risk and Control.
  • Store all support for executed audit tests on-line.
  • Support external audit reliance via “marking” controls agreed to for reliance testing and by granting “view” access to completed audit testing of these controls.
  • Generate reports using a flexible user interface.

 Fact Sheet – Audit Management

Get Started only $600 per month (requires Core GRC Suite)