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Our GRC Software is built from the ground up in 2014 using the latest web technologies.



Integrated Settings menu that lets you populate all of the drop-down menus with content relevant to your enterprise.



Capture your documentation as the process happens on any device. Store your critical business process documentation in a repository.

iconUse BestGRC Software When You Want…

  • Control – you want to control your business through easy to use GRC Software;
  • Built-in Compliance – you want to meet compliance requirements as a byproduct of excellent processes, rather than specifically address compliance.
  • Empowerment – you want to empower and rely on your team but also always have a verification mechanism in place. A mechanism that is no secret.
  • Data Access – you want visibility to the number of tasks and time it takes to accomplish objectives.
  • Communication – you want to communicate objectives & tasks and then lead to make it happen.
  • Linkage of Strategy to Activities – you want to show the linkage between strategic/business objectives and activity level objectives that your teams must execute.
  • Timely Action – you want to manage the present and near future to ensure success on the strategic plan (the future) and audits (the past).

iconOur Belief

We believe that businesses who plan appropriately, manage well and drive for success in their endeavors must manage themselves in a way that meets or exceeds all the compliance requirements that the business is subject to.

We also believe that responsibilities and related tasks required to meet their objectives involve numerous people in the organization. They should all be connected to the Framework ecosystem and therefore we do not charge by user, but merely for the software service. Each subscriber company decides who has access and what they can see.

Through our GRC Software, we help companies communicate, manage and deliver on their objectives…or at least identify early on that circumstances will impact the deliverance of certain objectives.

We’ve designed easy to use software to assist such companies meet their objectives and demonstrate this compliance.

Allow us to help you Leverage Compliance.

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